On August 18, 2000, Ryan Benjamin Tedder was one of five finalists for Freelance Search 2000. He sang live on MTV in hopes of being chosen as the next Freelance Entertainment artist, and needless to say, his talent blew everyone away. Ryan, age twenty-one, is from Tulsa/Colorado Springs, and as of August 18th will be fulfilling his dream of being a professional singer/musician.

His liquid smooth vocals come naturally (he has never had voice lessons), and he has been singing since age seven. He also has an aptitude for playing several instruments, including the piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Ryan claims Sarah McLachlan, Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and Peter Gabriel as some of his major musical influences, their styles having contributed to his wide range of mixing sounds. With his adeptness to write, sing, and play instruments for his own songs, it is not at all surprising he can be compared to the likes of Babyface, and will soon be just as well known.

Freelance Video Profile
My name's Ryan Tedder, I'm 21. I'm originally from Tulsa, I go to school here.

(singing/playing guitar) Well I want to know what makes your world go round.

My background in music basically goes back to my dad. He's a professional singer/songwriter for a number of years. The songwriting process for me basically it starts with an idea. Usually it happens while I'm driving; I've come up with entire songs while on road trips. I write all my own stuff, I have for years - whether it's on piano, keyboard, guitar.

(Ryan plays guitar in the background)

I think the same people that love to see pop music and dancing, are the same people that are gonna love to see somebody pick up a guitar and just play with all their heart.

(singing again) Ooh... If only these eyes could believe it.