FreeLance Entertainment    
August 18, 2000
By Beth R.

Lance Bass from the hit singing group 'N Sync has started a new entertainment company by the name of FreeLance Entertainment. Lance has already signed two artists on board by the names of Meredith Edwards and Jack De Feo. The company basically searches out for artists from towns that people wouldn't generally look at across the United States. In Lance's latest actions, he conducted a talent search where he interviewed hundreds even maybe thousands of aspiring artists. He narrowed it down to five lucky finalists who are: Tabitha Fair, Ryan Tedder, Mashanda Favors, 'Elite' (group), and Aundrea Whitt.

The five finalists were featured on the hit MTV television show "Total Request Live" on the week of August 14. Each day they would showcase a new contestant and show information on each one. MTV then would load the contestants profile on to their web page along with a clip of their singing either an original song or a cover of a song. The viewers were then able to rate the singer on the web page on a scale from one to ten.

On Friday, August 18, following “TRL,” Lance along with Dave Holmes hosted the 'FreeLance Finals,' with celebrity judges Brian McKnight and Pink. The show allowed the contestants to perform in front of a live audience and then have the judges and people at home rate them. The one with the highest score would take home the title of being the newest member of the FreeLance family. After a half hour of performances they announced the winner, Ryan Tedder!

Ryan, a 21 year-old native from Tulsa, is an amazing singer who also plays a wide variety of instruments. As Lance said, “For the other four who did not win, they honestly should not give up hope because of the publicity of being on MTV, they are sure to be picked up by someone else.” Congratulations Ryan!